Our Story

Our story begins with Babar and Sohail, childhood friends and partners in the geekiness of PC building and coding.


When fate reunited them, each came to find that they had taken radically different paths but remained united in their passions. They both saw that the world was changing from underneath their feet and wanted a chance to effect that transformation.


Babar’s extensive networks in the blockchain space and experiences of the 2017 ICO craze combined with Sohail’s orthodox grounding in finance and Big Four experience.


Leveraging a network of visionaries in tech and commerce, they built a formidable team of professionals in the practice of technology and management consultancy.


Bloktide was born.

What We Do

Bloktide takes a thorough strategic, risk-based approach in implementing innovative solutions that tackle core commercial challenges. We Apply pioneering methods, rigorous analysis, cutting edge technology and world class expertise to keep our clients at the apex of their industry.

The Highest Pedigree People

Our people are at the peak of their respective fields and come with recognised reputations as world class. They combine this with a surgical approach to boost your business performance.

Network of Leading Minds and Partners

In combining the vast expertise of our diverse, global teams with partnerships from leading investment funds, tech hubs and industry visionaries, we take a uniquely collaborative approach in delivering results that allow our clients

to thrive.

Economical and Quality Rates

We employ a versatile approach that works around the exact needs and requirements of our clients. Deploying efficient technology-specific task forces, we complete projects at a fraction of the time and cost of other top-tier management consulting firms.

Guaranteed Results
Tangible and Transparent Performance

Bloktide has extensive experience in carrying out large scale transformations quickly whilst keeping clients informed throughout. We ensure to deliver solutions that tackle real problems and vow by their ability to deliver results. We do not stop until clients are

100% satisfied.

Across all industries and projects, Bloktide teams have
100% client satisfaction rating

Our Mission

We combine pioneering technology with expert commercial acumen to redefine our clients' operations.

Our Values


  • To trust and be trusted

  • Be reliable and dependable

  • Always act with integrity

  • Maintain respect and professionalism


  • Be curious

  • Pursue understanding

  • Listen, listen, listen

  • Stay informed


  • Be ambitious

  • Think dynamically

  • Embrace change

  • Do different... often


  • Drive and determination

  • Chase excellence

  • Constant improvement

  • Deliver meaningful results

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Bloktide implements innovative solutions that tackle core commercial challenges. We apply pioneering methods, rigorous analysis, cutting edge technology and world class expertise to keep our clients at the apex of their industry.

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