Blockchain Corporate Finance Advisory

Bloktide combines commercial insight and technical knowhow to provide a leading consultancy service which is at the forefront of the wave of change that is set to transform how data is exchanged and shared in the information age.


At Bloktide we have a unique offering; through our extensive network in the otherwise reclusive blockchain world, we have witnessed the industry from its early days through to what it has become. We expertly combine this with industry expertise and provide bespoke, commercially grounded finance solutions that place our client’s needs and interests at the heart of everything we do.

The Process

Bloktide offers a leading corporate finance advisory service within the start up space. With an emerging technologies remit, we have focused on the blockchain space as of late – an industry, while flourishing, has also witnessed its fair share of false dawns. Our due diligence process is in place to ensure integrity and credibility for ourselves, our client network and the broader stakeholders that the projects impact. As such we thoroughly investigate potential clients ensuring the upmost has been done to ensure their security and safety through our six-step process:


Due Dilligence

We conduct a thorough due dilligence process to ensure the project meets the strict criteria before presenting it to our investor database. This is to ensure our integrity and reputation as well as maintain the trust that we have developed wth our network. 



Once approved, we work with the project to prepare all the necessary information such as the elevator pitch and pitch deck



We work with large and varied expanse of investor and we want to ensure you are matched with those whose strategic goals align with yours. As a part of this we analyse all available options to formulate the optimal investor approach.



Once a strategy has been decided, we commence in facilitating the approach to investors. We only connect the project to an investor once investor authorisation has been received; this ensures the investor's trust while also valuing a project's time.



As a part of the process, we facilitate initial contact with chosen investors. Once an investor shows interest in your interest in your project, we support you in answering their questions, presenting them with the required information and gaining their trust.




Once connected, we support from the buy and sell side. We work closely with both investor and project to assist in all requirements and to ensure a win-win deal for both parties.

We work with traditional venture capital/private equity firms, family offices, tech funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, syndicate angel groups, individual investors and some of the largest crypto and traditional financial exchanges from around the globe. With these collective insights, we understand the market matrix better than most, ensuring we provide a service of the highest calibre whilst also ensuring the highest chance of success for our clients.


Looking for First-Class consulting expertise?

Token Generation Event Advisory

Once the due diligence processes have been carried out, we are able to begin the journey of bringing your project to fruition.

Whitepaper Audit

We audit and coach you through the following:

  • Overview of the company and investment highlights

  • Corporate structure

  • Business strategy

  • Ownership

  • Overview of market position

  • Organisation structure

  • Senior management team and employee profiles

and other material and information we deem a necessity.

Pitch Deck Advisory

We analyse your pitch deck with a fine-tooth comb, we get it to a standard where it is ready to be taken to market. We understand pitch decks can be difficult to assemble when you don’t understand what the other party wants which is why we ensure the pitch deck is up to standard for the individuals/groups you want to target.

Regulatory Compliance

Bloktide is partnered with legal teams across the globe to bring you valuable knowledge of each region you wish to target. Regulatory compliance is often an afterthought for projects ensuring they can get up and running with the least amount of problems, however, in doing so they open themselves up to regulatory negligence and compliance issues in the future.

Bloktide has a primary focus on regulation and legal compliance and we try to bring up to date information to ensure safety and security from any potential regulatory threats.

Tax & Banking

Bloktide guides you in making sure to appoint the right professionals and have the most tax effective legal structure in place so that, when funds are received, there are no unexpected consequences which could set you back.

Corporate Strategy Review

Bloktide will review your corporate roadmap, and an all-round assessment of how the long-term business plans protect your interests without compromising the interests of investors.

The Cryptoverse is a known wild west and we want to ensure that everything is above board and that there are no loopholes which might result in ill-practice for any party involved.

Blockchain Audit

Bloktide is partnered with some of the leading blockchain auditors in the space who are also approved by some of the biggest funds/investors in the industry. Thus, ensuring you receive complete assurance over the technical integrity of your offering.

Smart contract and blockchain audits are usually overlooked by projects looking to raise funds and is normally an unexpected cost when looking for funding. Our partnerships allow us to analyse any such costs and integrate them to your financial plan.


Tokenomics are a crucial part of any Token Offering; working with exchanges and funds allows Bloktide to understand the market demands and wants, while ensuring your token distribution and allocation is in line with the market conditions.


Through our time in the geographies we operate in, much like our network of investors and exchanges, we have also built up connections with great marketing firms

Bloktide can advise on;

  • Available options

  • Vendor selection, skills and reputation

  • Due diligence and validation of offerings

Exchange Listings

Bloktide has built strong relationships with some of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, which have allowed us to secure IEO and general listings at reduced costs as we guide and support you through the listing process.

Across all industries and projects, Bloktide teams have
100% client satisfaction rating

Post Token Generation Event Advisory

It is after funds have been raised that the real journey begins. Our services boost your bid to scale your business: we focus on growth, product development, operational optimisation and strategic alignment to create an environment of success.

Talent Acquisition

Our network includes HR and recruitment professionals with years of experience working on worldwide projects. Bloktide helps businesses source the right blockchain and commercial talent quickly and efficiently - technical professionals and developers, management executives, and ICO/IEO/STO advisors to help businesses deploy their technologies and services on a global scale

Outsourced Director/Interim Director Service

With the crypto route offering companies acceleration at speeds unprecedented in history, growth can often outstrip ability to keep up with the demand that ensues. We have seen a strong mandate for independent commercial expertise with acute crypto market awareness as a result of this. Bloktide can provide experienced professionals with the technical prowess to navigate you through such uncertain waters, whether that be via formal Directorship or in an advisory capacity, and in a temporary or long-term capacity

Financial Reporting

Transparency is key in maintaining integrity. This is why we can call on experienced financial professionals who will work with you to create, audit, and build carefully curated financial reports. Once your TGE is complete, it is critical to maintain customer trust, and such a process ensures this is achieved.

Strategic Advisory

Decisions taken in the boardroom will make or break your project’s long-term chances of survival. Leveraging our extensive commercial experience, we can guide decision-making for board members in order to provide optimal market placement and build consumer trust. We deliver solutions tailored to your platform, encompassing regulatory compliance, commercial planning, marketing policies and other actionable solutions delivering real and measurable results.

Marketing and Platform Management

The value of your token is built on your platform’s performance. If your platform is not functioning optimally, your token cannot either. Our team creates a strategy which focuses on total operational efficiency, achieving peak product placement and creating mass brand awareness.


Tokens are the barometer of decentralised platforms. Losing control of them means your platform is at risk. This is where our experts can keep you in control of your token ecosystem; from wallet management solutions right through to providing periodic exchange analysis and reporting trading volumes, daily price variations and any other analysis as appropriate, in order to make informed decisions

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Bloktide implements innovative solutions that tackle core commercial challenges. We apply pioneering methods, rigorous analysis, cutting edge technology and world class expertise to keep our clients at the apex of their industry.

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